change to DCC license

Vernon Schryver
Tue Sep 18 16:42:43 UTC 2007

> From: Jeff Mincy <>

> I'd prefer that the name of the 'improved' repackaged versions with
> minor changes be based on DCC with a different suffix or prefix.
> Fewer buzzwords and easier to evaluate.

In theory that would work fine, but practice differs.  How would you
evaluate the difference between my code and the repackaged version of
my code based only on name suffixes and prefixes?  It's like the
newfangled definition of "chocolate" that is distinguished from the
real thing by a suffix or prefix and the fact that it contains lard or
some other oil unrelated to cocoa beans.  If you know and care enough
about the internal details, you won't notice the name or any suffixes
or prefixes.  If you don't care, you still won't notice them.

> Also, shouldn't there be restrictions on modified versions sharing
> checksums with the DCC network?

Perhaps, but I don't understand how to state them.

> Out of curiosity, what are some of the improvements?

As far as I know, the changes in the repackaged and redistributed versions
consist only of
  - security improvements from the same security experts who advice blocking
     all ICMP error messages, and never mind the TCP blackholes resulting
     from the loss of Unreachables

  - configuration changes such as file and directory locations that would
      be done more easily with the ./configure script

  - cherry-picked changes listed in my CHANGES file back-ported to ancient

I don't think I'm shy about incorporating other ideas when I can
understand them as improvements, even when I think they are harmless
security non-improvements like using /dev/random to generate the ID
passwords in new installations.  A characteristic of the syndrome is
that I *never* hear about improvements directly from those who make and
advocate them.  I *always* hear indirectly.  No matter what you think
of me or my reaction to your improvements, wouldn't it make sense to
mention them here as you redistribute them?

Vernon Schryver

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