Can DCC reject mailed-back non-delivery reports?

Vernon Schryver
Mon Aug 27 21:45:53 UTC 2007

> From: John L 

>                                      Another possibility is to look for 
> headers in the body of the bounce that your system added, or even just the 
> IP address or rDNS of your outbound mail server.

I doubt that would be very effective.  Much of the Russian backscatter
hitting my mailbox is of spam with forged Received: lines pointing
to my outbound mail system including IP addresses reverse DNS names.
The forgeries have no obvious defects except for certain external
evidence showing that they are forgeries.  I've been told that
attention paid to me is not unique.

> If you really want to get rid of bad bounces, try BATV, 
>, which puts a signature in the 
> bounce address that all your real bounces will then have.  Works great, 
> once you set it up.

That's a good point.  Eventually all of BATV might be necessary.
For now it might be sufficient to do something like;
  - set to add an oddball X- header that you change occassionally
  - set to use procmail as the "local mailer" as described
      in cf/README
  - use two levels of procmail recipes first to detect NDRs and then
     to reject all that lack your current or most recent X-headers

Vernon Schryver

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