Can DCC reject mailed-back non-delivery reports?

John L
Mon Aug 27 19:47:18 UTC 2007

> We've had a couple of incidents where people's mailboxes have been
> inundated with backscatter because spammers have been forging their
> e-mail address as the sender of spam.

DCC isn't likely to help, since the text in the NDRs varies a lot.

As someone else noted, you can do pretty good filtering by checking for 
known crudware sending the bounces.  Another possibility is to look for 
headers in the body of the bounce that your system added, or even just the 
IP address or rDNS of your outbound mail server.

If you really want to get rid of bad bounces, try BATV,, which puts a signature in the 
bounce address that all your real bounces will then have.  Works great, 
once you set it up.

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