1792 requests/sec are too many from 32768,41617

Chris Aseltine ophidian@newsnation.com
Wed Jul 18 20:51:26 UTC 2007

"Vernon Schryver" <vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com> writes:

> I think IPmask/16 is too broad.  I'd stick with /24 or smallers.

Okay, I'll change it to /24 then.

>> I thought most DNS blocklists were automatic?  At least the ones that are
>> powered by spamtraps?
> The CBL possibly asside, I think that is mistaken for major blacklists.
> For some major DNS blacklists including the SBL, I know that is
> mistaken.  I'm fairly certain it is wrong about the PBL.

Well, in that case, I probably shouldn't even go down this route then.  I'm
just trying to get my spam count (reaching my mailbox at least) back down to
zero, where it's been for what must be years now (with a combination of DCC
bulk + DCC greylisting).  I had been getting 25+ spams a day passing both of
the above, but it seems to have trailed off as of late.

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