Whitelisting authenticated users

Dan Reagan dcc@bytewrangler.com
Fri Jun 22 18:06:12 UTC 2007

Sam Leffler wrote:

 > I've never been able to leverage SMTP AUTH to bypass greylisting w/
 > sendmail.  Not sure if that's the intent of the original request.  Some
 > folks suggested running sendmail on a separate port w/ a different
 > config that required SMTP AUTH and bypassed greylisting in the config
 > but I never did that.

First let me apologize for the vagueness of this e-mail, I'm having a hard
time recalling just where I came up with the changes that I'm running but
I suspect that they were from the hackmc script or some derivative of it.

Anyway, the dcc.m4 that I'm currently using has this bit in it (hopefully
it wraps well, there should be just four lines including the commend line):

  # mail authenticated with SMTP AUTH for relaying is also not spam for dccm
  R<$*> $*              $: <$&{auth_type}> $2
  R<$={TrustAuthMech}> $*       $: $(macro {dcc_notspam} $@ authenticated $) <> $2
  R<$*> $*              $: $2

These four lines are inserted right after the SLocal_check_mail line in the
stock dcc.m4 and have been working for me.

Hope that helps,

Dan Reagan

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