Implications of DKIM signing for DCC filtering?

John L
Tue May 29 19:44:01 UTC 2007

> How will DKIM signing fit into DCC?

Not at all, really.  If you have a client that calls DCC, that would be a 
good place to do DKIM signature checks.  You wouldn't want to do it in a 
DCC server, too slow and there's no advantage to centralizing it since 
you're not comparing messages against each other, just against a key which 
DNS caches already.

> Organizations that sign e-mail messages must take responsibility for
> those messages, but I assume that the level of responsibility will
> vary.

Oh, yes.

> I can see a need for reputation ratings, along with whitelists and 
> blacklists of domain names.  How much of this wil fit into DCC?

Probably none.  DCC doesn't key anything by domain, does it?

As you might suspect, the question of what you do with a DKIM signature 
once you've verified it has come up before.

Venal pitch: See, for example.

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