1792 requests/sec are too many from 32768,41617

Chris Aseltine ophidian@newsnation.com
Sat May 26 20:21:31 UTC 2007

"Vernon Schryver" <vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com> writes:

> From: "Chris Aseltine"
>> What exactly would an error like this mean, or what would cause it?
>> May 25 23:52:30 dakota dccd grey[176]: 1792 requests/sec are too many
>> from 32768,41617
> It means that the DCC client on port 41617 on with DCC client-ID
> 32768 sent at least 1792 requests in the preceeding second to the greylist
> server.
> 1792 requests/second are more than 150 million requests per day.
> A DCC client hitting a server that hard is probably attempting a
> denial of service attack.

Ok, but this was happening on every single email I received, even test
messages sent from myself to myself.  Sometimes it would occur 4-5X in my
log each time.

Anyway, restarting dccd and dccm seemed to resolve the problem.

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