resolver errors

Vernon Schryver
Thu Mar 15 20:59:12 UTC 2007

> From: Sven Willenberger 

> Except for a "close" error by the tar command, it built cleanly, did a
> rebuild of the hash database and all are communicating again.

What is a close error by tar?  It sounds worrisome.

>                                                               All three
> are currently running with "-f" in the command line; I will change this
> back to the default in the next day or after making sure the OS and
> filesystems are stable.

When I get time, I'll make a new version where dccd falls back on inline
DNS resolutions when fork() fails.  It's not good for dccd to stall in 
gethostbyname() (or equivalent), but it's worse to have flooding not
work because of a lack of swap space.

Vernon Schryver

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