Reason for rejected message ?

Giulio Cervera
Thu Mar 1 10:31:42 UTC 2007

i have a similar probem with 1.3.51
    DNSBL name ",any,IPv4" too long

attached my dcc_conf

Vernon Schryver ha scritto:
>> From: Daniel Gehriger 
>> I had to go back to dcc 1.3.45 to fix my problem. Simply replacing the 
>> binaries fixes everything.
> How do you build dccifd?  Do you specify any compiler options?
>> I found another problem, btw: in 1.3.51 and 1.3.52, specifying
>> results in a message
>>   "DNSBL name ",any" too long".
>> The workaround is to use
> Something is odd there, and not just because I use,any
> on more than one system or because I cannot reproduce what should be
> an obvious problem with 1.3.52.
> For that "too long" complaint to appear, the size of the
> "" string plus the worst case size of the 
> probe address in ASCII (e.g. "") must be greater than 256.
> With "any", that worst case is 46, because it might be an IPv6 address.
> Could you send the dcc_conf file that causes the "name too long" complaint?
> ] From: Daniel Gehriger 
> ] > library.  Does it have the "improved" Linux version?
> ] I have bind 9.2.2:
> ] Name        : bind
> ] Version     : 9.2.2
> ] Vendor      : SuSE Linux AG, Nuernberg, Germany
> That looks like it might be Linux Improved instead of the real thing.
> The standard BIND resolver variables and functions including _res,
> res_init(), and dn_expand() are #define'd in the Linux /usr/include/resolv.h
> to other things, which is a pain for ./configure scripts.
> Today I tried DCC version 2.3.52 on installed-from-scratch-today
> It seems that the resolver timeout control is not working.
> Vernon Schryver
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