Reason for rejected message ?

Vernon Schryver
Thu Mar 1 06:05:37 UTC 2007

> From: Daniel Gehriger 

> I had to go back to dcc 1.3.45 to fix my problem. Simply replacing the 
> binaries fixes everything.

How do you build dccifd?  Do you specify any compiler options?

> I found another problem, btw: in 1.3.51 and 1.3.52, specifying
> results in a message
>   "DNSBL name ",any" too long".
> The workaround is to use

Something is odd there, and not just because I use,any
on more than one system or because I cannot reproduce what should be
an obvious problem with 1.3.52.
For that "too long" complaint to appear, the size of the
"" string plus the worst case size of the 
probe address in ASCII (e.g. "") must be greater than 256.
With "any", that worst case is 46, because it might be an IPv6 address.

Could you send the dcc_conf file that causes the "name too long" complaint?

] From: Daniel Gehriger 

] > library.  Does it have the "improved" Linux version?
] I have bind 9.2.2:
] Name        : bind
] Version     : 9.2.2
] Vendor      : SuSE Linux AG, Nuernberg, Germany

That looks like it might be Linux Improved instead of the real thing.
The standard BIND resolver variables and functions including _res,
res_init(), and dn_expand() are #define'd in the Linux /usr/include/resolv.h
to other things, which is a pain for ./configure scripts.

Today I tried DCC version 2.3.52 on installed-from-scratch-today
It seems that the resolver timeout control is not working.

Vernon Schryver

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