DCCM looping

Rob McMahon Rob.McMahon@warwick.ac.uk
Tue Feb 20 11:05:14 UTC 2007

Vernon Schryver wrote:
> I have a vague hope that an infinite loop related to another MIME
> problem that I noticed and fixed late last year might solve these cases
> of dccm looping.
> I'm trying to get some things cleaned up so that I can make a release
> today or perhaps tomorrow with that fix as well as the other recently
> reported MIME problem.
We'd seen this on a few occasions running 2.3.45, with one or two 
threads getting stuck.  It wasn't giving us much trouble, with a quick 
restart fixing the problem for a number of days.  Until this weekend 
when all hell broke loose, all email was locked solid when I came in on 
Monday morning, and dccm wouldn't stay up for more than a few minutes 
without turning back into a total CPU hog.  Installing 2.3.51 appears to 
have fixed the problem.

So: has anyone else seen this? I'm wondering if it might have been a 
deliberate DoS attack.  Do we know what qualities of a message caused 
the problem?  The other alternative is that it wasn't malicious at all 
but was a mass mailing of (badly formed?) email.



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