Greylisting no longer working ?

Vernon Schryver
Sat Feb 3 01:11:08 UTC 2007

> From: Daniel Gehriger 

> I just upgraded DCC to version (1.3.48). Even though my config file 
> hasn't changed, greylisting no longer seems to work. The servers start 
> up as expected:
> > Feb  2 00:33:37 vps183 dccd grey[25876]: 1.3.48 listening to port 6276 with /var/dcc and 10 MByte window
> > Feb  2 00:33:37 vps183 dccifd[25928]: 1.3.48 listening to,10023 from

> >                      Fuz2: b1fea197 a6873b19 4be7a365 c8943df3       0
> >      substitute mail_host: e59df0e1 992e42c4 df8dea2a b4a9f9b7
> > 
> > result: accept

That segment of a dccifd log file and that dccifd did not complain
about the greylist server not responding shows that dccifd did not
even try to do greylisting.

> I already deleted grey_db* and restarted dcc, but to no avail. Only 
> restoring version 1.3.45 from the backup solved the problem.

I'm sorry, but I believe the restoration of 1.3.45 included restoring
either /var/dcc/dcc_conf and so reversing a change to GREY_CLIENT_ARGS
or restoring /var/dcc/map and so reversing a deletion of the greylist
server entry.

Vernon Schryver

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