how to whitelist
Fri Feb 2 10:16:10 UTC 2007


we just implemented DCC on our mailservers and it works without problems.

Now we have some things to whitelist of course. Unfortunately its sometimes
very difficult to find common criteria between the messages from some

Because of some other mail components we have to use dccproc.We don't have
mail_host available.
We tried to use the Sender header (with -S) which worked. When we tried
Mailing-List as additional
criterium it didn't work. Also env_From gave no matches.

Here is our dccproc call:

/home/dcc/bin/dccproc -S sender,Mailing-List -w /home/dcc/whiteclnt -t

for env_from checks we tried:
/home/dcc/bin/dccproc -f$envelope_sender -S sender,Mailing-List -w
/home/dcc/whiteclnt -t $RECIPIENTS

And some lines of our whiteclnt file:

# this works:
OK       from    Sophos Alert System <>

# doesn't work:
OK      substitute Mailing-List contact;
run by ezmlm
OK      env_from

Can anybody give some hints why the two lines it don't match?

Two additional questions:
1. Are there any examples how to match Received-Headers? Because of their
   (included timestamps) they are not fixed strings, so how can they be
2. We saw many checksums for some messages presented here at the
    We get only Body, Fuz1 and Fuz2 - do we have to reconfigure our DCC
   to get more?

With kind regards,
Frank Tegtmeyer

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