Greylisting no longer working ?

Daniel Gehriger
Fri Feb 2 08:15:05 UTC 2007

I just upgraded DCC to version (1.3.48). Even though my config file 
hasn't changed, greylisting no longer seems to work. The servers start 
up as expected:

> Feb  2 00:33:37 vps183 dccd grey[25876]: 1.3.48 listening to port 6276 with /var/dcc and 10 MByte window
> Feb  2 00:33:37 vps183 dccifd[25928]: 1.3.48 listening to,10023 from

But messages that aren't rejected based on other criteria (dcc count, 
DNSBL) simply are accepted. Eg:

> X-DCC-CollegeOfNewCaledonia-Metrics: 1189; Body=1 Fuz1=1
>         Fuz2=1
>                             reported: 1               checksum  server
>                        IP: aabba1f9 ef5da56e 081ea514 777372e7
>                  env_From: 499fc2d1 b742e061 202f222a 05627ccd
>                      From: 43c87673 dbe34f44 c3949ccb 0f3cd78b
>           substitute helo: 64307ad0 173f9e28 f550f035 347846a8
>                Message-ID: c875aae6 ae1a457e b11b677d dc73c59d
>                  Received: 1def3076 a287e02f 945e5e9b 35d5fea5
>                      Body: aa2546b2 1a46875c cfa017b2 4ab92d17       0
>                      Fuz1: 0ba37c9e 2ac0fddb 26978fde 91338d72       0
>                      Fuz2: b1fea197 a6873b19 4be7a365 c8943df3       0
>      substitute mail_host: e59df0e1 992e42c4 df8dea2a b4a9f9b7
> result: accept

I already deleted grey_db* and restarted dcc, but to no avail. Only 
restoring version 1.3.45 from the backup solved the problem.

- Daniel

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