Body=1 with no Fuz1 or Fuz2

Vernon Schryver
Sat Jan 27 23:05:40 UTC 2007

> From: Gary Mills 

> I had a complaint from a user that obvious spam was getting through

> When I checked the DCC log, it was a typical multipart/alternative
> MIME message with a text/plain and a text/html portion.  Why would
> there be no Fuz1 and Fuz2 checksums in this case?  Could they be
> using funny MIME headers?  Here's how they look:

This problem turned out to be a very old bug.  The states of the MIME
boundary strings matchers were not being sufficiently cleared at the
starts of MIME parts.  When the previous mail message handled by a dccm
or dccifd thread had broken MIME encapsulation, the MIME boundaries
of the next message would might not be matched. 

I guess I must stop fighting to improve FreeBSD DCC server performance
and push out a release in the next few days.  (Much other activity on
a system can reduce the number of requests attracted by a public DCC
server from more than 30 million per day to fewer than 3 million.
FreeBSD 5.* - 6.* has some lame page locking.  As far as I can tell,
all other UNIX-like implementations of mmap() are worse.)

Vernon Schryver

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