Server Operating Systems.

Darrin Khan
Fri Jan 26 00:09:36 UTC 2007

Hello All,

I have just been working through the process of setting up a new DCC
server. A few issues have come up related to the Linux OS that I am

Firstly when I setup dccd, I had it running on Fedora Core 5. This had
issues causing the flood to be reset and starting all over again about
every 30mins or so. I then upgraded to FC6. This seems to be better, the
flood sessions are not being reset, however it is still lagging behind
when it comes to the rest of the DCC servers. The connection to the
upstream server is clear and fast enough to keep up with the through

Now to the question, what other flavors of OS are being used ? Linux BSD
Solaris ? anyone have success stories they would like to share ?


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