why tempfail?

Eugene Filatov eugenef@paco.net
Tue Nov 28 08:57:09 UTC 2006


Yesterday I started my own DCC server and two DCC clients.
One DCC client has quite big ammount of passed mail and on it's
syslog I found a lot of following strings:

Nov 28 03:17:56 dccm[15615]: [ID 247806 mail.error] 14 too many
simultaneous mail messages
Nov 28 03:17:54 sendmail[12019]: [ID 801593 mail.info]
kAS1Hs5q012019: Milter: connect: host=[], addr=61.18
9.171.28, temp failing commands

I increased -jX option for dccm and it seems that problem has gone.

But some things are not clear to me :(

1. Why some connections where refused with tempfail? In my sendmail.cf
I describe dccm as:
Xdcc, S=unix:/var/run/dcc/dccm, T=C:30s;S:30s;R:30s;E:30s

I do not have F=T in milter description and I think that sendmail should
just pass all mails in case it has problems with milter.

2. Is there any sense to increase RLIMIT_NOFILE? And where is the right
place to increase it?  For my system RLIMIT_NOFILE=324. I'm afraid that
this value is too low for my ammount of mail.


Best Regards, 					mailto:eugenef@paco.net

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