Feature request: subdirectory prefixes for per-user log-directories

Vincent Schonau vince@niet.net
Sat Nov 25 10:36:54 UTC 2006


On my courier-mta installation I have a number of 'virtual domains'. One 
of the ways in which Courier implements virtual domains is to rewrite 
recipients to a 'user-ext', where 'user' is a local user and 'ext' turns 
into the local-part of the mailbox address (ie: postmaster@example.com 
turns in to user-postmaster). The perl code I use to interface DCC with 
courier tells dccifd what the 'user' account is, for use with per-user 
log-dirs, whitelisting and settings.

In practice, this means I have a per-domain 'log' directory created by 

Unfortunately, some of my domains receive a lot of mail. Currently, my 
main domain is being forged in spam on a large enough scale that I get 
tens of thousands of backscatter bounces a day.

This causes the log-directory for this domains 'user' account to grow so 
large that I've temporarily had to turn off logging for this domain - 
it's become unmanageable both via the cgi-scripts and directly 
manipulating the files, due to the size of the directory.

So, my feature request is: please allow subdirectory prefixes to be 
specified for per-user log-directories.


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