Vernon Schryver
Fri Nov 24 16:53:25 UTC 2006

> From: Daniel Gehriger 

>  > Note also that has
> > an interesting DCC reputation of sending about 70% bulk mail.  See
> >
> Seems obvious to me: Nabble's users use its interface to participate in 
> mailing lists. Unless those mailing lists are white-listed by all 
> recipients running DCC, the posting host (Nabble) will have a reputation 
> of sending bulk mail (which it does).

If they are using the DCC as designed, then either they have whitelisted
Nabble or they are rejecting that unsolicited (as far as their mail
systems know) bulk mail.  If they have whitelisted Nabble, then that
bulk mail does not contribute to Nabble's DCC Reputation.

Yes, most DCC installations do not use the DCC as designed.

> Well, in order to post this "3 Steps to money" spam through Nabble to 
> the DCC list, the spammer had to subscribe to the DCC list. I he didn't 
> subscribe, the post would have bounced anyway. If he did, he could have 
> posted the message without using Nabble (but maybe his own mail host was 
> blacklisted...?).

I'm not sure of that, and judging by the recent efforts by Nabble to
subscribe, I suspect the Nabble people aren't either.
I don't recall whether mailman checks about the From: header or the
SMTP envelope Mail_From value.

> May I suggest another archiving facility then (using Google for 
> searching just doesn't cut it, in my opinion, mainly because of the 
> occasional reply issue): with your permission, I have the DCC list 
> archived by Gmane ( Gmane archives the list and makes it 
> available through web, NNTP and RSS interfaces. Replies are made using 
> one's NNTP reader, so there is no white/black-listing issue.

NNTP is not exactly resistent to spam, which might be why news-to-mail
and mail-to-news gateways have been in such bad odor for the last 5 or
10 years.  See for example
But never mind that or the largely successful efforts of the netnews
spam cancellers and other reports from that distant battlefield.

I don't know anything about Gmane byond what I see on the web page and
vague recollections of the name.  I'll treat it like Nabble and everything
else I for which I lack interest, responsibility, and authority, which
is to ignore it until and unless I see problems.

Vernon Schryver

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