Daniel Gehriger
Fri Nov 24 16:18:35 UTC 2006

Vernon Schryver wrote:
> I hope you don't mind that I'm sending of this to the DCC mailing list,
> with a copy blind to you.

Not at all.

> After their attempt to send spam to the DCC list, I might still whitelist
> them for my personal mailbox, but I am extremely unlikely to consider
> whitelisting them so that they could send epam to the DCC mailing list.
> It's not the one attempt to relay spam, because bad stuff can happen
> can happen to anyone.  It is the fact that their business model ensures
> that it will happen again.  Note that by "business model" I don't
> mean technical stuff like spam filters.  

Fair enough.

 > Note also that has
> an interesting DCC reputation of sending about 70% bulk mail.  See

Seems obvious to me: Nabble's users use its interface to participate in 
mailing lists. Unless those mailing lists are white-listed by all 
recipients running DCC, the posting host (Nabble) will have a reputation 
of sending bulk mail (which it does).

> I watch some mailing lists by watching their web archives.  Other mailing
> lists I simply subscribe to.

Me too. But very rarely I want to reply to a post. Unless I have a copy 
of the original post in my inbox, my reply will not show up in the 
correct thread because the In-Reply-to header is missing.

> might usefully provide archives and archive searching, but
> I'm having trouble containing myself at the notion of letting them post
> spam to any mailing list I care about.  That they are free and open to
> the public guarantees that they will always be spewing of spam.  
> [...]
> The fact that 
> is in's image of the DCC mailing list is not a good sign
> even about their archiving and searching.

Well, in order to post this "3 Steps to money" spam through Nabble to 
the DCC list, the spammer had to subscribe to the DCC list. I he didn't 
subscribe, the post would have bounced anyway. If he did, he could have 
posted the message without using Nabble (but maybe his own mail host was 

Anyway, I respect your opinion.

May I suggest another archiving facility then (using Google for 
searching just doesn't cut it, in my opinion, mainly because of the 
occasional reply issue): with your permission, I have the DCC list 
archived by Gmane ( Gmane archives the list and makes it 
available through web, NNTP and RSS interfaces. Replies are made using 
one's NNTP reader, so there is no white/black-listing issue.

- Daniel

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