CDCC info shows "not answering"...

Vernon Schryver
Wed Nov 8 21:20:27 UTC 2006

> From: "Ken Morley" <>

> > run a greylist server you may edit /var/dcc/map.txt and uncomment the
> line ....
> > Rebuild the map file with cdcc "load map.txt"    
> Thanks very much for the response.
> That line in map.txt was already uncommented (the line didn't begin with
> "#").  So I tried uncommented and commented, using /usr/bin/cdcc 'load
> /var/dcc/map.txt' to rebuild the map file.  The map file is getting
> rebuilt (according to the timestamp), but doesn't change anything as
> cdcc 'info' still yields:

   cdcc "load ..."
command adds (including over writing) whatever is in the text file
to the /var/dcc/map file (or other file if specified with "file ..").
It does not delete anything.

To delete the greylist entry, use

   cdcc "delete Greylist"

If you are not running a local DCC server, then `cdcc info` also
complains about,6277 not answering.

Those two entries do no technical harm except for a very few ICMP Port
Unreachable messages through the lo0 network interface.

Vernon Schryver

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