Database size less then 2GB

Vernon Schryver
Fri Jul 21 14:37:46 UTC 2006

> From: Horst Scheuermann 

> On my old sever a SUN Ultra machine, I solved the problem by making a 
> 64bit pogram (by the way: configure options 
> --with-xfltr-cflags='-xarch=v9' --with-xfltr-ldflags='-xarch=v9' didn't 
> work, I had to edit the Makefiles).

xfltr-cflags is intended only to help build the external filter hook
for dccm and dccifd.  xfltr-clflags should not affect how dbclean and
dccd are built.

Did you try something like:
    /var/dcc/updatedcc -e DCC_CFLAGS=xarch=v9 -e DCC_LDFLAGS=xarch=v9 ...
   setenv DCC_CFLAGS='xarch=v9'
   setenv DCC_LDFLAGS='xarch=v9'
   ./configure ...

> Database grew over 2GB size.

I cannot see why building dccd and dbclean with 64-bit ints and pointers
would by itself let the database become larger.

> Now I moved the server to a 64bit AMD PC with SUSE Linux 10.1 64 bit. The 
> programm are 64bit per default.

> But on this machine databases size can not grow over 2 GB.

The maximum size of the database is supposed to be controlled by 
 - a hard 3 GByte limit
      If systems that can handle larger databases and larger mmap()
      windows become common, that should be changed.

  - half of physical memory less 512 MByte, determined from
     physmem_total(), sysconf(_SC_PHYS_PAGES), sysctl(mib, ...),
     or pstat_getstatic(), depending on which is available

  - the RLIMIT_AS, if available and sane

  - the RLIMIT_RSS, if available and sane

My guess is that the last two are at issue.  Does the `limit` or
`limits` shell command for the UID that runs dbclean and dccd say
for those two limits? 
See the getrlimit man page

Vernon Schryver

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