Database size less then 2GB

Horst Scheuermann
Fri Jul 21 06:46:23 UTC 2006


dbclean is started automatically, when database size comes near to the 2GB 
limit. This could happen several times a day.

On my old sever a SUN Ultra machine, I solved the problem by making a 
64bit pogram (by the way: configure options 
--with-xfltr-cflags='-xarch=v9' --with-xfltr-ldflags='-xarch=v9' didn't 
work, I had to edit the Makefiles).

Database grew over 2GB size.

Now I moved the server to a 64bit AMD PC with SUSE Linux 10.1 64 bit. The 
programm are 64bit per default.

file dccd
dccd: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, AMD x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), for 
GNU/Linux 2.6.4, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 
2.6.4, not stripped

But on this machine databases size can not grow over 2 GB.

Jul 12 20:56:49 urts94 dccd[13579]: 1120366 free hash entries among 
22413312 total; starting `/dcc/libexec/dbclean  -i 1060 -4`
Jul 13 19:24:18 urts94 dccd[27039]: 1179270 free hash entries among 
23592960 total; starting `/dcc/libexec/dbclean  -i 1060 -4`
Jul 14 21:04:26 urts94 dccd[8913]: 1474293 free hash entries among 
29491200 total; starting `/dcc/libexec/dbclean  -i 1060 -4`
Jul 18 18:26:50 urts94 dccd[5688]: 1651506 free hash entries among 
33030144 total; starting `/dcc/libexec/dbclean  -i 1060 -4`
Jul 19 18:14:56 urts94 dccd[14893]: 1827805 free hash entries among 
36569088 total; starting `/dcc/libexec/dbclean  -i 1060 -4`


#! /bin/sh
# Generated automatically by configure.
# Run this file to recreate the current configuration.
# This directory was configured as follows,
# on host urts94:
# ./configure  --homedir=/dcc --with-uid=spamd --with-db-memory=3072 --enable-big-db --disable-dccm --disable-dccifd --with-bad-locks --bindir=/dcc/bin --mandir=/dcc/man

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