Two DCC questions.

Vernon Schryver
Wed Jul 12 13:12:48 UTC 2006

> From: "Jeff A. Earickson" 

> >> stock setup, but I recently discovered that the /usr/local/dcc/log folder
> >> had about 2.4 MILLION .msg files in it.  What option turns this off?

> > - run the cron-dccd cron job.  You might want to adjust
> >     DBCLEAN_LOGDAYS in dcc_conf
> > - or delete the directory if you want no log files.
> Any chance that you could make DBCLEAN_LOGDAYS=0 mean "don't write
> logs at all"?  Or some other setting in dcc_conf to shut up logging
> completely?

Why?  What's wrong with the second alternative that I listed,
deleting the log directory when you want no log files?

The DCC client programs, dccm, dccproc, and dccifd, know nothing about
DBCLEAN_LOGDAYS.  Making DBCLEAN_LOGDAYS=0 mean "don't write logs at all"
would require finding some new command line arg. value(s) that would
mean that, and making the start-dccm and start-dccifd translate from 
DBCLEAN_LOGDAYS=0.  I don't know what you'd do about dccproc.

Why isn't DBCLEAN_LOGDAYS=0 a valid now?  It gets translated by the
cron script into something like:

    find log-dir -mtime +0 | xargs /bin/rm

Vernon Schryver

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