SA 3.1.3 + DCC 1.3.

Vernon Schryver
Fri Jun 23 00:04:36 UTC 2006

> From: Jeff Mincy 

> The empty string is kind of a bummer.   The empty string is also
> returned for various problems.
> Would it be possible to return a different string for whitelisted
> messages?  Maybe something like:
>   X-FOO-Metrics: 1234; Body=ok Fuz1=ok Fuz2=ok; whitelisted

Which empty string?

Why should the DCC client say "whitelisted" when it already says "ok",
"ok", and "ok"?  Can't whatever is trying to parse the X-DCC line
look for "ok" as easily as "whitelisted"?

Vernon Schryver

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