SA 3.1.3 + DCC 1.3.

Vernon Schryver
Thu Jun 22 20:26:28 UTC 2006

> From: "List" <>

> Runnin SpamAssassin -D --lint, encounter error below and realised DCC is not 
> working. How do i solve this?
> dcc: dccifd check failed - no X-DCC returned

Is dccifd running?  
If not, have you made a symbolic link from /var/dcc/libxec/rcDCC (or wherever
you installed the DCC programs) as suggested in the start of
the rcDCC script?
Have you run `rcDCC start`?

If dccifd is running, does SpamAssassin know where to find the UNIX 
domain socket?  See for example
that was pointed out by Bob Black.

Vernon Schryver

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