dccifd listening on every interface

John Eikenberry jae@zhar.net
Tue Jun 20 17:16:41 UTC 2006

First let me thank you for your time and explanations. I greatly appreciate
the help. But I think I might have found the issue. I found a relevant bug
in the debian bugtracker archives along with a comment in the tiger script
that reports this issue. I'll include info here so others who might come
across this and search the list archive might find it.

Relevant debian bug: #136991

Snippet from the note in the comments of tiger script: check_listeningprocs

# - there are know problems related to services open TCP/UDP ports spuriously
# to contact the outside world. Tiger cannot distinguish these from 
# normal servers. These usually happens with servers (DNS, Samba, Squid, 
# Qmail) that open UDP listeners to receive DNS requests (this is Debian
# bug #136991)
# To avoid these false positives you can either:
#   1.- add these processes to the list of valid processes in the tigerrc
#       configuration file (Tiger_Listening_ValidProcs)
#   2.- use the ignore mechanism (new in 3.2), for example, if you get reports
#        like  this one:
# WARN The process `X' is listening on socket 35477 (UDP) on every interface.
#        with the number of the socket varying everytime add an ignore 
#        entry in the tiger.ignore configuration file with:
# 'The process `X' is listening on socket [0-9]+ (UDP) on every interface.'

Thanks again.


John Eikenberry
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