dccifd listening on every interface

John Eikenberry jae@zhar.net
Tue Jun 20 03:35:35 UTC 2006

I recently started using dccifd with my local spamassassin setup. I have it
up and running and it works great. My only concern is that I'm getting
reports from my tiger audits about dccifd listening on every interface,
which netstat bears out. Other times, when not getting these reports,
dccifd just has an established udp port on the localhost interface. Of
course in both situations there are the usual domain sockets and
established connections to the servers.

I'm not really an expert on these things but have been doing this for a
while and I try to keep a tight rein on my open ports. Is this expected
behaviour I should filter out of my tiger reports or is there some
configuation option I am missing.

I can provide more information as needed, but am mainly just looking for an
brief explanation or indication about whether this is something I should
worry about.



John Eikenberry
[jae@zhar.net - http://zhar.net]
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