dccifd failover under load

Ian Brewer Ian_Brewer@vwiz.co.uk
Tue May 2 17:28:29 UTC 2006


I am having some problems with the server failover code when dccifd is 
under heavy load.

I have 2 servers and an authenticated client. If I shut down the server 
currently being used by the client, the second server is immediately 
picked (according to cdcc info), but the fail_more() code also fires and 
gives me 64 seconds worth of "Continue not asking" messages. Shouldn't 
the second server be available for use straight away?

Its almost as if any queued requests are counted as failed and causing 
the fail_more code to go off, even though a new working server has been 

I have included a modified dccif-test program that can be used to show 
the problem. I run the program, then "watch -n 1 'cdcc info'" on another 
  terminal while shutting the in-use server down.

Cheers for any help anyone can give.
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