Recent uptick in spam?

Chris Aseltine
Fri Apr 28 19:30:22 UTC 2006

"Vernon Schryver" <> writes:

> Until they get around to hitting Spamhaus's traps and get added to the
> SBL, you might add them to your own blacklist.

Well, I think that would be problematic.  As I said, it's not just one guy
hitting me -- the headers and message content look similar, but it is coming
from a totally different mail host each time.

> The samples I see have good (i.e. bad) DCC checksums and so should be
> caught by the DCC.  Is there any chance that you've somehow accidentally
> whitelisted this spammer?

No, I don't have anyone whitelisted, so I don't see how that could be it.  I
guess my main concern was that the spam zombies are now starting to retry in
response to 4xx.  But, based on your statistics, it looks like business as

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