How not to reject return receipts

Andy Rudoff
Mon Apr 17 03:07:46 UTC 2006

I've got a customer who sends out everything with a Return-Receipt-To:
header in it.  In five cases in my logfiles, the resulting return receipt
gets rejected by DCC because the Fuz2 checksum count is over my threshold.
The actual Fuz2 checksum is different in each case, but obviously the
fuzzy checksumming in the Fuz2 algorithm is coming up with something
that is relatively common.

I've looked through the log entries looking for something in the
headers I can whitelist but of course the return receipts come from
all over the place and all different MUAs.  Another option is to
whitelist the env_To: but I'd really rather not do that as this customer's
incoming spam was among the worst on my machine until I installed DCC.

Any advice?

Thanks much,


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