start-dccm: line 152: unexpected EOF

Gary V
Mon Apr 10 15:28:52 UTC 2006

Vernon wrote:

>> From: Gary V 

>> I have seen this on several systems at this point.
>> All of these systems are using a new Debian Etch beta CD with
>> Linux kernel 2.6.15-1-486 with DCC 1.3.31

> Did you add DCC version 1.3.31?  I have been told that Debian is shipping
> with 1.2.74 or something even more encient.

Yes, from source. I always install DCC from source, I don't care for
the Debian package.

>> I am using the supplied init scrip to start dccifd but

> Did you mean to start dccifd or dccm?

I have DCCM_ENABLE=off and DCCIFD_ENABLE=on in dcc_conf.
Using rDCC to start dccifd, but the script also calls start-dccm.

As a work-around, I commented out
#        $DCC_LIBEXEC/start-dccm $DEBUG
in the rDCC script.

>> looking at line 104:
>>           -o `expr "X$ARGV0" : '\(X[-_a-zA-Z0-9]*\)` != "X$ARGV0"; then

> That looks like the bug.  Evidently whatever you have for a Bourne shell
> has different rules for quotes than as /bin/sh everywhere else including
> other Linux systems.  There is a missing single-quote on the third arg
> to `expr`.  That line should be

>        -o `expr "X$ARGV0" : '\(X[-_a-zA-Z0-9]*\)'` != "X$ARGV0"; then

I suspected there was a  missing a single-quote but was not positive
where it belonged. I will test that tonight when I have access
to the system in question.

> That bug was present before the first version of the DCC was released 
> years ago.

> The idea of running multiple instances of dccm each with a different
> argv[0] value but all using the same DCC home directory has not been
> exactly popular.  I could probably safely remove that stuff.

> Vernon Schryver
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Thanks Vernon.

Gary V

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