Multiple clients/IDs

Vernon Schryver
Sun Apr 2 18:53:49 UTC 2006

> From: Ian Brewer 

> I have a dcc server with approx 50 authenicated clients machines 
> connecting to it. Currently each client has a uniq id/passwd.
> Is this actually necessary or could I just use a single ID?

Yes, you could use a single client-ID.  Unlike DCC server-IDs, there
is no connection between DCC client-IDs and IP addresses.  A DCC server
doesn't try to know whether the fact that a single client-ID is being
used by clients at several IP addresses is because a single client
computer is multi-homed or several computers are sharing the ID.

> I assume I have to adjust the authenicated rate limit by an appropriate 
> factor.

The dccd -R400,50,300,0.1 default sets the authenticated rate to 400
requests/second.  That is equivalent to as many as 34,560,000 requests/day.
That's a lot of mail for most installations.

Vernon Schryver

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