SpamAssassin 3.1.1 and DCC

Kelsey Cummings
Thu Mar 16 00:47:58 UTC 2006

I just upgraded my all of my SA servers to 3.1.1 and the DCC checks have
stoped working properly.  The initial test by spamd works correctly but
subsequent checks all fail as shown below where dccifd doesn't return the
header as expected.  Since I just upgraded SA I have to believe that's the
problem although it just feels like something wrong with dccd/dccifd and if
the DCC checks weren't functioning properly right up until I made the 3.1.0
to 3.1.1 upgrade...  So it's got to be SA.  Vernon, I vaugely recal that
some time ago you recomended some change to the code in - perhaps I
had that and have foolishly lost it and it never made it into the SA

SpamAssassin logs:

spamd[19827]: dcc: dccifd check failed - no X-DCC returned:

Straces on dccifd makes it look like both the initial test and subsequent
tests are done in the exact same fashion but dccifd responds differently.

 From the startup test:
14947 read(7, "A\nA\ spam 1098; Body=30389 Fuz1=30641 Fuz2=1647565\n\n", 4096) = 78

 From the first real message processed:
14950 read(9, "A\nA\n\n", 4096)         = 5

I know this is really a SA problem but I thought I'd ask here first.

Kelsey Cummings -, inc.
System Architect                          2260 Apollo Way
707.522.1000                              Santa Rosa, CA 95407

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