Two whitelist questions

Vernon Schryver
Tue Mar 14 01:08:20 UTC 2006

> From: Andy Rudoff 

> - If I edit a whitelist file, will dccm notice it changed, or do I
>    need to restart it?

dccm, dccifd, and dccproc all notice soon after the main whiteclnt
file, per-user whiteclnt files, or files included in either change.
They also regularly re-parse the main whiteclnt file if it involve
host names that might need to be DNS re-resolved.

Only processing the /var/dcc/whitelist file used by the DCC and
greylist server, dccd is delayed.  Dbclean incorporates that file
into the database when it runs.

> 	ok env_to
>    what happens for bulk messages where the envelope recipient list
>    contains both and
>    Is there a way for me to configure this so that postmaster gets
>    all messages where postmaster is in the env_to but anotheruser
>    is unaffected by the whitelist entry?  I thought I remembered
>    something about this in the man pages but can't seem to dig it
>    up again.

If dccm determines that a message is spam for some recipients but not
for others, it always delivers it to those recipients that want it.
Because of limitations in the SMTP protocol, that generally means
discarding the message for those recipients that do not want it.

The SMTP protocol problem is that the receiving mail system must answer
the DATA command with one of: 
  5yz reject--message unacceptable for all recepients
  4yz temporarily reject--message currently unacceptable for all but try again
  250 ok--accepting message for delivery to all recipients

I'm trying to figure out an option where will dccm temporarily reject
(4yz) recipients in Rcpt_To commands with potentially differing decisions
for the message (e.g. per-user whiteclnt files or greylisting)
It's standard for an MTA to 4yz-reject Rcpt_To commands because the
SMTP client has done too many, but I think RFC 2821 says the second
Rcpt_To command is not supposed to be too many.

Vernon Schryver

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