Some easy dcc questions

Vernon Schryver
Fri Mar 10 17:37:06 UTC 2006

> From: Andy Rudoff 

> - I'm using the public servers for dcc and running a local dccd with -Gon.
>    Do I need to run dbclean out of cron?

Yes, you must run /var/dcc/libexec/cron-dccd with a cron job like

The next version of the installation instructions will say as much.

> - When I get the syslog'd summary line at midnight, I'm not understanding
>    what each of the stats mean:
> 	greylist embargoed 1348 messages to 1970 targets;
> 	detected 1946 spam, ignored for 0, rejected for 2562,
> 	and discarded for 0 targets among 4413 total messages
> 	for 38947 targets
> 	since 03/08/06 00:00:00
>    I think "detected 1946 spam" are the messages received above the
>    -t rej-thold (is that right?) 


>                                  but what is the "ignored for 0" line
>    counting?

It counts spam detected but accepted, perhaps because dccm or dccifd
is running with -aIGNORE

>               And the "rejected for 2562" is a higher number than 1946
>    because the 1946 messages were addresses to 2562 recipients?  


>                         I'm also not getting what the "discarded for 0"
>    portion is counting.

-aDISCARD as well as the sendmail macro usually from an access_DB entry
can say that spam should be discarded instead of rejected.

> - Is there a good way for me to judge the success of greylisting at
>    my site?  For example, looking at how many connections were turned
>    away by greylisting where a decent amount of time has passed and the
>    sender never re-connected?

Such numbers are hard to use, because many major legitimate mail senders
shuffle messages among their SMTP clients.  A single message can be
attempted from 2 or more IP addresses.

To get such numbers, look at the output of `dblist -Hv -Gon`.
Count records that are not "deleted" or "pass"
See `man dblist` for the format used by dblist to dump the database.

Vernon Schryver

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