Multiple servers on one machine

Vernon Schryver
Thu Feb 16 15:31:53 UTC 2006

> From: Ian Brewer <>

> I want to built 2 servers that will run on the same machine.
> Do I just need to worry about --homedir, --bindir and --with-max-db-mem 
> at configure time or are there any other things I need to tweak?

You will probably need to worry about port numbers.
You may need to adjust --with-rundir
--disable-sys-inst might be needed for one of the installations.

Please notice the restrictions on the license on the DCC source in
the LICENSE file or
The source is not free to organizations that do not "flood" or exchange
checksums with the rest of the world.  You may need to contact Commtouch
for a commercial license.

Vernon Schryver

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