DCC version 1.3.28/2.3.28 released

Nigel Horne njh@bandsman.co.uk
Tue Feb 14 21:11:25 UTC 2006

Vernon Schryver wrote:
>>From: Nigel Horne 
>>>Do you know what they suggest instead of "%#llx" and similar printf()
>>>patterns for 64-bit values?
>>Surely what matters isn't the warning, it's the error about static
>>definitions that broke the compilation?
> Are you saying that I didn't resolve the static vs. global/common
> complaint from the compiler on your system in version 1.3.29?
> Did you try running updatedcc again to see if that problem is fixed
> in 1.3.29?

All I know is that running updatedcc today after you suggested
running it gave that fatal error, but I've just tried it again
and this time saw no error!! What gives?

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