dccm and dccd (greylist) - Another newbie-

Paul R. Ganci ganci@nurdog.com
Sun Jan 15 04:49:35 UTC 2006

It is clear you and I have a difference of opinion and so I will let it 
die here. I do have a couple of comments below if you care to read them.

Vernon Schryver wrote:

>Didn't I answer that you might run two DCC daemons?  
No, I never saw a response at all, or at least I missed it as I did ask 
over the holidays. It doesn't sound like a very good solution.

>    1.) How large can a whitelist grow before it takes a figurative 
>"days" for DCC to read and process?
>Because that question necessarily assumes I am an incompent boob,
>it offends me.  Have you done any benchmarking to see if that might
>be a problem?  Maybe I am an incompetent poseur, but
Well I am sorry I offended you with such an innocent question. I have 
seen my own local sendmail blacklist take as much as 15 minutes to 
rebuild the hash table. Hence it didn't seem like an outrageous question 
to me. And while this may not be a specific problem for me this is after 
all discussion list ... others might be interested. Therefore the 
question wasn't out of place and didn't deserve the repsonse given as it 
was not an attack on your capabilities.

>Why do you ignore what I keep writing about per-user whitelists and
>controls?  Why not do as some ISPs do and let individual users monitor
>and control things themselves?  At least one ISP (in Colorado by
>coincidence) has built web pages that function somewhat like the proofs
>of concept in the DCC cgi-bin directory that let individual users
>maintain their own whitelists and turn DCC rejections on and off.
My user base in general does NOT want to do this ... they want it done 
automatically for them. We have provided user control with an integrated 
WUI interface to SpamAssassin. That capability has gone mostly unused or 
has brought complaints just because the end user was required to do 
something. In addition the WUI is third party, proprietary software 
licensed to run on an old RaQ 550 running Cobalt. Hence it will never 
see any DCC specific enhancements, and all I need is to introduce yet 
another such interface to accommodate DCC. So I look for other ways to 
do things given the hand I was dealt and the budget I am given.

>>    3.) How do the scripts work when an organization has multiple Email 
>>servers with multiple instances of DCC? How is all the data from the 
>>various logs combined to form one unique whitelist used by all flooded 
>I would use one of the standard tools to solve such a problem. 
>If your system has that problem, I guess we could talk about the
>standard solutions.
I am interested because I am running two Email servers with two flooding 
local greylisters. Therefore I have exactly this problem.

Paul (ganci@nurdog.com)

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