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Vernon Schryver
Fri Jan 13 05:20:33 UTC 2006

> From: Dean Maluski <>
> Reply-To:

> I just got dccm up and running.
> The Installation Manual says to open PORT 6277 but when I start the
> service I get this in my maillog.
> __________________________________________________________________
> Jan 12 22:54:36 punk dccd grey[20514]: 1.3.25 listening to port 6276
> with /var/dcc and 10 MByte window

> Do I need to open both ports?

Notice that it is the greylist database server "dccd grey" that is
listening to port 6276.  You are evidently using greylisting.  Your
DCC clients, such as dccm, should be able to talk to all of your
greylist database servers.  If all of your DCC clients and your greylist
database servers are on the same side of your firewall, then you do
not need to change your firewall settings for port 6276.

My guess is that you have a single DCC client, dccm, and a single
greylist server, and that both are running on the same computer.  If
that is right, then you probably don't need to do anything to your
firewalls.  Only if you use something such as ipchains or ipfw configured
to filter port 6276 on would you need to do anything.

Vernon Schryver

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