database broken

Kevin W. Gagel
Fri Jan 13 00:05:25 UTC 2006

>I'm getting a "database broken;" at least once per day now.
> My dcc_db  is over 2 GB and has been for a while.
>The automatic repair runs, but it really bogs down the box
>in the middle  of the day.
>Is this typical of anybody else?
>I run dbclean every night and I've tried setting
>in the dcc_conf, but it doesn't have any effect.
>The server barely has enough disk space to keep its head
>above water, so  I need to do something...
>(Sorry if the answer is in the manual... i've got a lot of
>anvils in the  air at the moment, so I haven't had time to

I think you'll need enough room to hold the database at
least twice. The clean up makes a copy and then does its
magic. I'm sure Vernon will tell you what else you need to
know and correct me if I'm wrong.

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