How do I reach the dev team or security?

Vernon Schryver
Mon Jan 9 14:23:18 UTC 2006

> From: Benu <>

> Is this close to what you are looking for?

Some of that looks more like dynamic program loading.
However I noticed
which looks like the standard 4.4BSD mmap(2) man page.  If it were
entirely accurate, there should be no problems.  I don't see any mention
of bugs in
and similar.

Would it be possible to run the greylist server process for dccifd on
your customer's MAC on some other system?  The protocol used between
dccifd or dccm and the greylist server is almost identical to the
older DCC client-server protocol.  That implies that the greylist server
or servers can be far away.   All you need do is fire up `dccd -Gon`
on some other box such as the other one you said has no troubles
and use `cdcc "add ..."` to tell the MAC to use it.

Note that when two or more mail systems using dccm or dccifd and greylisting
are involved, it's good tie all of the greylist servers together so
that their databases are consistent.  The greylist server-to-server
protocol is the same as the old DCC server-to-server protocol, but
controlled by /var/dcc/grey_flod instead of /var/dcc/flod.

Vernon Schryver

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