Nigel Horne
Thu Jan 5 17:00:06 UTC 2006

Vernon Schryver wrote:
oot@bandsman mail]# make
> ] >>/usr/share/sendmail-cf/feature/dcc.m4:75: m4: Warning: Excess arguments 
> ] >>to built-in `define' ignored
> ] >
> ] >On which flavors of UNIX and sendmail do you see that error message? 
> ] >
> ] FC4 is Linux, not UNIX.
> ] Sendmail is 8.13.4.
> What Makefile are you using?  I had assumed you were running the
> FreeBSD  /etc/mail/Makefile.  I thought that was the only UNIX flavor
> that expected one to run `make` to start sendmail.
 > And again, from where did you get the DCC source?

Linux also uses /etc/mail/Makefile, well Fedora does anyway. I got the
dcc source from

> And again, from where did you get the DCC source? 

> Did you modify the misc/dcc.m4 file?  When you copied misc/dcc.m4 to 
> /usr/share/sendmail-cf/feature/dcc.m4, did you use a technique that
> might lose an m4 quote character (' or `) or parentheses?
> I trust you copied misc/dcc.m4 after running ./configure instead 
> copying

No, I didn't modify the file. I can't remember now what order I did
things in, but I followed INSTALL.txt from top to bottom - so I used
the order in that file.

> Vernon Schryver


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