How do I reach the dev team or security?

Tue Jan 3 13:20:18 UTC 2006

On Monday 02 January 2006 21:01, Vernon Schryver wrote:
> Why don't you ask your question or make your comment via this mailing list?

I do have a few questions:

1. Is greylisting (servers, clients) only available in sendmail 

If the answer is no, then I can not understand why dbclean complaints and dies 
when I enable greylisting client in dcc_conf when starting the dccifd daemon.

2. This is a new install. When I issue: cdcc ID it returns 1, the ids file 
have different values for DCC Server and Greylist. Is this correct?

Attempts to change the ID that cdcc reports to the DCC ID in the ids file with 
"reload ids" complaints with something similar to needs su. When the cdcc 
"reload ids" is issued I am superuser. I attribute this as an ops problem not 
knowing correct syntax.  Nevertheless, which ID is cdcc reporting?

3. When the combo amavis+clamav+SA+DCC+postfix is employed, at what point 
during the scanning, will amavis call dccifd? When dccproc was configured I 
would see calls to dccproc in the mail logs, now I do not see calls to dccifd 
in the logs. I know that DCC is working because I see its logs.


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