segmentation fault in dccproc (1.3.24)

John R Levine
Sun Dec 11 02:31:41 UTC 2005

> So which MTA does not do that?  Guessing from your headers, is it
> qmail?  If so, why am I not surprised?

As you surmise, qmail adds a Return-Path: at the top of the message but
doesn't mess with it otherwise at delivery time.  The RFC says that
stripping an old one is a MAY, and this behavior is consistent with
qmail's policy of not making gratuitous changes to mail in transit.

Assuming software that looks for Return-Path: stops after it sees the
first one, it shouldn't matter whether a message has one header or a
hundred.  Any software that crashes merely because a message has a
malformed header, well, sheesh.

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