segmentation fault in dccproc (1.3.24)

Jeff Mincy
Fri Dec 9 17:03:40 UTC 2005

I get a segmentation fault doing dccproc

    bash% /usr/local/bin/dccproc -H -R < /home/jeff/.dcc/my.dhIXQS.2
    Segmentation fault

The spam message has a broken Return-Path.  dccproc works when the
Return-Path is changed.

    bash% /usr/local/bin/dccproc -H -R < /home/jeff/.dcc/my.dhIXQS.1
    X-DCC-EATSERVER-Metrics: 1166; Body=453
    	Fuz1=many Fuz2=many

    bash% diff -u0  /home/jeff/.dcc/my.dhIXQS.2 /home/jeff/.dcc/my.dhIXQS.1
    --- /home/jeff/.dcc/my.dhIXQS.2	Fri Dec  9 08:44:59 2005
    +++ /home/jeff/.dcc/my.dhIXQS.1	Fri Dec  9 08:44:10 2005
    @@ -1 +1 @@
    -Return-Path: <jmuovznlbeafoh@>
    +Return-Path: <>

If needed, I can provide the message or other information.

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