Ugo Bellavance
Wed Dec 7 06:56:19 UTC 2005


	I'd like to try greylisting with DCC.  Now I'm using sendmail + MailScanner/Spamassassin(DCC, pyzor, razor) and DCCifd.  I have a few questions, please correct me if any assumption is wrong.  My reference is below [1]

	From what I've read, I must use dccm (dcc sendmail milter) to use greylisting in dcc, that is okay with me.

	I took a look at  My understanding is that if the triplet is unknown, with default settings, the SMTP client must retry after 270 seconds (4.5 min), but no more than 7 days to deliver successfuly the message and being added to the database for 63 days.

	I've seen that in some greylisting implementation, it could be set in "learning mode", meaning that it sees traffic going on, adds some triplets to the DB, but don't delay mail.  Is this supported by DCC's greylisting implementation?

	To help the process, I guess I only have to add entries to /var/dcc/whitelist?

	Then, if I'm using SpamAssassin with MailScanner, I must disable the DCC plugin in the v310.pre config file, since dccm will add headers that can be interperted by SpamAssassinm, then configure SpamAssassin to interpret these headers (and disable dccifd).



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