debian/spamassassin/dccifd: write(MTA socket,XX): Broken pipe

Vernon Schryver
Tue Dec 6 23:23:05 UTC 2005

> From:

> I'm very relucatant to install "third party" software on my system and
> would sooner stick with the "official" version of SA.  Is there any way
> that the SpamAssassin timeout can be changed in the configs?

I am the wrong person to ask about SpamAssassin.  However, a quick peek
at what I think is the official 3.1.0 and 3.0.4 source suggests that
they changed dcc_timeout from 10 in 3.0.4 to 5 in 3.1.0.  Have you tried
setting dcc_timeout?

> > Did you install the real DCC source or one of the "improved" RPMs or
> > "packages" floating around?
> I used a Debian package.  Perhaps I'll take this up with them.  Their
> "stop" script seems to work despite its ugliness.

I thought you just wrote writing that their "stop" script does not work.
Every public repackaging of the DCC source I have enountered has had
significant damage inflicted by repackagers who just assume things that
are false.  Are you sure the Debian people only (in effect) broke

Third party packages like SpamAssassin and the DCC are handled by
inexperienced (or worse) participants in efforts like FreeBSD and the
Linux packages.  They are generally are not yet trusted to fix libc or
the kernel but are given the third party packages to gain experience.
People with little experience just assume things.  They just assume
they understand the third party software better than the third part
sources, that third parties know nothing about their efforts, and they
won't make any errors.  The result is such as the sed attacks on the
DCC source supposedly required for FreeBSD, and never mind that my
primary development environments include FreeBSD.

> [From another poster]
> > Is it possible for this to happen when there is too little text in the
> > body of a message?
> I've just tried sending myself an empty message and haven't got the error.
>  I'll look into this.

Try /var/dcc/libexec/dccif-test (source in dccifd/dccifd-test)
to see that:

  - mail messages with empty message bodies are just fine, which
     one might expect given the popularity of mail whose content
     is in only the Subject line

  - mail messages with missing message bodies generate messages like:
    Dec  6 16:08:27 calcite dccifd[28401]: missing message body
      An SMTP message consists of a block of header fields, a blank
      line, and then the body of the message--unless you want to be
      picky and point out that the standard considers the whole thing
      from "DATA" to "." to be the "body".

Vernon Schryver

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