debian/spamassassin/dccifd: write(MTA socket,XX): Broken pipe
Tue Dec 6 21:01:01 UTC 2005

Thanks for your speedy answers.

> Some versions of SpamAssassin have had a timeout that is too short.
> Try installing a newer version of SpamAssassin.

I'm very relucatant to install "third party" software on my system and
would sooner stick with the "official" version of SA.  Is there any way
that the SpamAssassin timeout can be changed in the configs?

> Did you install the real DCC source or one of the "improved" RPMs or
> "packages" floating around?

I used a Debian package.  Perhaps I'll take this up with them.  Their
"stop" script seems to work despite its ugliness.

[From another poster]
> Is it possible for this to happen when there is too little text in the
> body of a message?

I've just tried sending myself an empty message and haven't got the error.
 I'll look into this.

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