debian/spamassassin/dccifd: write(MTA socket,XX): Broken pipe

Gary V
Tue Dec 6 18:06:41 UTC 2005

Vernon wrote:

>> From:

>> # cat /var/log/syslog |grep pipe
>> Dec  6 06:43:16 debian dccifd[1916]: write(MTA socket,94): Broken pipe
>> Dec  6 07:28:40 debian dccifd[2002]: write(MTA socket,87): Broken pipe
>> Dec  6 09:40:04 debian dccifd[2410]: write(MTA socket,94): Broken pipe
>> What does this signify?

> Those messages say that when dccifd tried to answer the MTA (SpamAssassin
> in this case), it found the socket closed or otherwise broken.

> Some versions of SpamAssassin have had a timeout that is too short.
> Try installing a newer version of SpamAssassin.

Is it possible for this to happen when there is too little text in the
body of a message?

Gary V

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